Robbin Swinkels

Lead Singer

Roy Kronberger


Bas Riemenschneider


Jeremy Bronswijk



From the deep ends of the Netherlands, our band Outkraaij is slowly rising to sea-level. This quartet of talented musicians are grinding their way through the underground scenes in the south. Rising through the local scene with ease and filling various spots on supporting and headlining slots.  Dirty bars, sweaty stages and the smell of hardworking people, this is where Outkraaij blasts heavy metal music into the moshing, jumping and headbanging crowds!

Since 2021 these 4 musicians are the cause of a renewal of admiration for the nu-metal scene. Taking influences from the 90’s grunge and metal scene, nu-metal, punk, rap-rock and hip-hop, they are forging a whole new sound that’s expending upon the traditions of metal. It’s heavy, it’s energetic and it’s real. This mantra forms the core of Outkraaij’s musical muscles.

Last year has melted the band into an unbreakable, unstoppable and impeccable machine. Shows of up to 150 people, where the whole band makes sure you -the public- as well as themselves, have the time of their life. When the dust finally settles on the stage, you’ll be left wanting for more..

With influences from artists like Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Godsmack, Animals as Leaders, Linkin Park and Papa Roach, the self-dubbed progressive nu-metal sound is well established in the bands style. Pushing themselves to new heights with every song, you will be surprised at the amount of musicality and ideas that this band is capable of writing and performing.

Since our debut single, three more songs are waiting to beat your eardrums into submission, so keep an eye on our social media pages.


From the boys, with love,